Furthurmore Friday Week 73

Week 73

Greetings, and welcome to Furthur's new Furthur Community! We're really working hard on creating a positive environment and friendly community, so please do try to be civil to one another (and to us!). We're expecting band members and crew members to stop by frequently, and you can expect to be treated with respect by all of them; hopefully you'll treat them the same way. Think of it this way: Furthur.net is our house, and we're inviting you in (this is a non-exclusive invitation; everyone's invited, and we encourage you to bring your friends!) to have some fun. We promise to treat you well and respect you and your ideas, and ask the same in exchange. There are a million places online to bring negativity, and we just hope this isn't one of them. We aren't trying to curtail your free speech; rather, we encourage it. But we also want a comfortable, fun place to hang out. And we hope you'll come along for the ride.

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